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11th August 2009

4:25am: restrictions

Originally uploaded by Katherine Elizabeth

16th April 2005

11:01pm: Change.
I changed my screen-name.
it twas WAY overdue.
If u'd like to remain a friend add my new name :]


19th February 2005

11:44pm: Woohoo
ok, so my plans to "CLEAN" today... got canceled.
i woke up to my cell phone & the other receptionist begging me to take her place @ work today... so i did. and it feels like i live there, practically. lol. but hey, @ least im making $$

so my truck is still a disaster... ::sigh:: theres always tomorrow...

i got a new layout.. from this really cool LJ community that gives the codes.. i love it, its gorgeous looking. so check it out :]


After work my mom and i met my aunt and her husband @ BeniHanas to celebrate my moms bday. It was delicious.. and then the ugly asian cook kept flirting with me & then i lost my appetite.it was so embaressing because my aunt was like " GEEZ DONT FLIP THAT TERIYAKI DOWN HER SHIRT!!" hahah Oo man...

I am exhausted. I wonder if they make Caffeine pills..?
Current Mood: relaxed

27th January 2005

9:05pm: filled with resentment...
.watching the OC. lol.

yikes, ok well today was really interesting. lol. i love half days, except that they still seem long.

kate mentioned doing a re-make of "Lunacy Fringe" for the Talent show.. but idk when the auditions are. prolly soon.. but i have no doubt in my mind that we would make it. wow. that sounded conceeded. lol. so, i recorded my voice over the song with this program on here and it sounded pretty sweet. SoOo maybe ill talk to her about it. but i think itd be cool to get someone to learn the guitar for it and play it while we sing.. like an acoustic jazzy-ness. can u say, AWESOME!?

Newayz. MATH can suck it. i seriously HATE it and im starting to think i need to go to summer school.. but that would suck since i wanna go lifeguarding...UGH.

Dear Math,
Please Stop Ruining My Life.
<3 Libby

i have a strange attraction for Death Cab and Bright Eyes right now.. kinda weird. hmmm... :]

::Here comes the lesbian scene in The OC. HAWT:: lol

played with photoshop today=

Current Mood: blank

5th December 2004

11:33pm: Pictures :D
i got my cameras developed today. im posting the cutest pics outta all of em :)

my GOODIES :PCollapse )
Current Mood: happy

7th October 2004

11:26pm: Join !
Do you love talking about all your favorite celebrities?
Getting all the latest scoop & information, making graphics & icons, posting pictures & discussing negative & positive opinions?!!
Do you love the website lime-light.org?

Then join: limelight_org

12th September 2004

11:09pm: HAPPY bday Biatch!!! Haha SURPRISE!!!!!
Current Mood: crazy

11th September 2004

12:03pm: Blend Community :)
Join my new Challenge community :)


(its a blend challenge community)
Join to vote or to submit blends :D
Current Mood: crazy

22nd August 2004

4:43pm: Pictures ... lol.
Pichas !!

click hereCollapse )
Current Mood: blah

8th May 2004

7:12pm: ...Private...bitch.
11:36am: EVERYONE!! GO JOIN :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


click on ^ one of those and it'll take u there.. :D
Current Mood: content

2nd May 2004

11:00pm: ur toxic im slippin under...

Snow Cones are sticky...


           make a mess ;)

Current Mood: sticky

26th April 2004

11:12pm: SoPh HoP
PiChAs FrOm SoPh HoP!!

DaNce LiKe No ONeS WaTcHiNG BaBy!!Collapse )
Current Mood: creative

21st April 2004

9:36pm: What a BEautiful mess... what a beautiful mess im in!
Stressed out. like mega times! haha ive still got stuff 2 do for brads party... rawr. lol. all the posters arent done yet.. golly geez. I should go do it right now i just wanted to type a lil sumthin so i remember this wonderful day <3 *cough* cough... uh huh! yeah u know it ;) hahahha But seriously, im so happy right now. I have so many friends and they all mean so much to me.. even though im stressed about this weekend.. its all good <33 Brad gets his liscense next week and so there goes my weekends haha.. ill be out with him 24.7 i just know it. Yay more hanging with teh guys!! WOOHOO! and this time me and kate can actually GO! hahahaha woohoo! but anyways today was Brit's last acting class b4 she leaves 4 independant so heres the pics we took :)

Pics from today biatchCollapse )
Current Mood: stressed

18th April 2004

8:37pm: Weekend <33
Well my weekend was quite eventful... I was @ Kates EVERYDAY!! haha we had some great adventures. Hop On A Ride To Kate & Libby's Adventureland:Collapse )
Current Mood: crazy

17th April 2004

12:41pm: PARTAY!!
Woohoo! im goin to Kate's stepdads party today! woohoo this is like the weekend @ Kates house!! FUNN!!!! :) haha Yesterday we went to eat lunch and then we went to see " ella Enchanted.." it was sooo stupid and like a CHEAP movie. omg. but we talked like through the whole thing and made fun of the people " SHAKE THAT ASS!! haha" and the guys "Too-perfect, airbrushed face" haha...CHARLOTTE SARAH! hahaha

ok, yeah anyways.Then we went back to Kates house and i got 2 look at her GORGEOUS HOUSE! omg she has the cutest house i have EVER seen no joke!! her mom is an interior designer and her house looks like something u would see on trading spaces.. but BETTER! :) im so jealous.
And kate has like the cutest room!! she has a bathroom attatched to her room YOU LUCKY GIRL!!

Anywho, so today Brad was supposed to have a party tonight.. but it looks like thats not gonna happen if it does, maybe me and kate will head over there.. i dunno. we'll see :)

But i g2g clean the house so i can go somewhere tonight. i dont think ive done chores in like years. so this is weird for me. haha im so spoiled.

Pichas from yesterday!!! WOOP WOOP!!

oh yeah and Kate got a LJ!! YESSS!!!! now we can read about each others crazy LIVES!!!!!!!!! oh yeaaaahhH!!

Pichas liek woah. hahaCollapse )
Current Mood: energetic

15th April 2004

10:00pm: Jessica Simpson agrees....this is So Friends Only...

Sorry Biatches <33

mee !! hehe.. lol I got my hair DID "todai" ... HAiRcUt LeiK wHoA!!

14th April 2004



:-X  :-O!!!!!  like, how BAD does that sound? yeah? good.  smooches

Current Mood: curious
10:49pm: tired..
Gosh im so freakin tired.. im still tryin to get stuff done 4 brads party.. and then soph hop im planning a dinner night for all of u who are coming...ill tell u tomorrow about it -if ur invited..lol jk. anyways, so yeah...did i say i was tired? cuz i really am. and i gotta give invitations out tomorrow and thats stressful, and its gonna rain tomorrow.. it will. :( poo.......... ok, well im done. its time 4 bed, oh yeah and im gettin my hair DID tomorrow. woohoo! oo yeah!

ps: again today, i was accused of being a lesbian ( haha kate!) haha jk.. sort of.
PPS: i wanna go out riding.. :( I miss it..i need to get out of my house and i cant stand when my p's drive now cuz their sooo sloooowwwww... plus i cant blast "sweet cherry pie" haha.. yay im countin down the days till brad can drive me.. its like 8 days-ish !!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!! woohoo! of course his p's wont know.. mine will though. no one cares. adios ( i hate spanish...)
Current Mood: REALLY tired

22nd March 2004

5:52pm: OH YEAH <33333

Oh yeah, im going to the XTINA AGUILERA CONCERT  on May 18th.. which just so happens to be my 16th bday!! YESSSS!!!!!

haha, and who am i dragging along with me?


lol, its not like he'll be unhappy.. half naked girl on stage..girlfriend all giddy and happy cuz, duh its xtina, and duh its my 16th bday...



14th March 2004

12:50am: woah there

hehe.. hilarious <333

9th March 2004

12:33am: Access Denied <3

Current Mood: creative
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