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ok, so my plans to "CLEAN" today... got canceled.
i woke up to my cell phone & the other receptionist begging me to take her place @ work today... so i did. and it feels like i live there, practically. lol. but hey, @ least im making $$

so my truck is still a disaster... ::sigh:: theres always tomorrow...

i got a new layout.. from this really cool LJ community that gives the codes.. i love it, its gorgeous looking. so check it out :]


After work my mom and i met my aunt and her husband @ BeniHanas to celebrate my moms bday. It was delicious.. and then the ugly asian cook kept flirting with me & then i lost my appetite.it was so embaressing because my aunt was like " GEEZ DONT FLIP THAT TERIYAKI DOWN HER SHIRT!!" hahah Oo man...

I am exhausted. I wonder if they make Caffeine pills..?
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(c) Me// Blue jean girly

filled with resentment...

.watching the OC. lol.

yikes, ok well today was really interesting. lol. i love half days, except that they still seem long.

kate mentioned doing a re-make of "Lunacy Fringe" for the Talent show.. but idk when the auditions are. prolly soon.. but i have no doubt in my mind that we would make it. wow. that sounded conceeded. lol. so, i recorded my voice over the song with this program on here and it sounded pretty sweet. SoOo maybe ill talk to her about it. but i think itd be cool to get someone to learn the guitar for it and play it while we sing.. like an acoustic jazzy-ness. can u say, AWESOME!?

Newayz. MATH can suck it. i seriously HATE it and im starting to think i need to go to summer school.. but that would suck since i wanna go lifeguarding...UGH.

Dear Math,
Please Stop Ruining My Life.
<3 Libby

i have a strange attraction for Death Cab and Bright Eyes right now.. kinda weird. hmmm... :]

::Here comes the lesbian scene in The OC. HAWT:: lol

played with photoshop today=

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(c) Me// Blue jean girly

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